Titanium equities


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Capital Raising


Titanium Equities can facilitate a comprehensive range of Disclosure Documents to small and medium sized companies focusing on listing on the ASX, capital raisings and shareholder updates:

  • Detailed Research Reports

  • Information Memorandums

  • Prospectuses

  • Independent Expert Reports


Titanium Equities can provide a full program of Roadshows / Luncheons in major cities within Australia to gain wide attention and considerable exposure for capital raisings.

Titanium Equities can also provide:

  • Powerpoint presentations;

  • Digital video presentation of industrial plants and mine sites;

  • Invitation options to brokers / fund managers / media representatives / and wholesale investors; and

  • Events co-ordination ranging from venue selection to catering requirements

for various brokers, fund managers and wholesale clients.

Titanium Equities offers rapid distribution of company correspondence and research either via email, website, mail, or social media.


Creating corporate branding is an important factor in any company’s development. Transposing the corporate branding over various mediums such as websites and printed literature re-enforces and projects the company’s identity to a wider audience. A website should reflect the corporate branding and visual structure that has been implemented by allowing the viewer to navigate and obtain information effectively. 

Once a design strategy has been put in place, it is vital that the implementation is managed according to guidelines. Management of the design process through the printing of literature, presentations, advertising in publications and internet media, is important when the company is represented as a whole. The identity should only be represented in a limited fashion making the appearance structured and recognisable. To fail in proper management of a brand identity, can visually show a breakdown in a company structure.

A summary of services include:

  •  Graphic Design

  •  Web Management

  •  Corporate Identity

  •  Advertising

  •  Product Disclosure 

  • Design Print Management

focusing on corporate literature, prospectuses, annual reports and corporate presentations.